Ben track Mt. Carmel March

Getting the “Spring” back in my step

Get it, because today is the first day of Spring? That and I am looking forward to getting a little spring back in my stride this track season. In 2014, I had a busy year. I raced 20+ times, including 5 Rock’n’Roll Marathon wins (New Orleans, San Diego, Montreal, St. Louis, and Las Vegas), 3rd at the USA 10 mile Champs (47:33pr), 1:02:53 half marathon pr, and a wild June in which I ran San Diego RnR Marathon June 1, became a father June 14, and competed at the USA Track Championships at the end of the month pulling off a 10th place finish despite lack of hurdle training and a little less sleep than I was used to. So why so many races in 2014? Well, I do love to race, yes, but I also knew that once the baby came racing may be limited so I ran as much as I could early in the year. Read More


Keepin up w/ the Bruces

Keeping up with the Bruces… you know Kardashians, Jones, Bruces basically the same lifestyles:)

We broke our cardinal rule of falling off the blog wagon and haven’t checked in for over 2 months. Shame on us. The next few paragraphs will offer a condensed cliff notes version of what the Bruces have been up to training, traveling, and where we’re headed. Thanks to all of our fans and supporters that follow along our jet setting, goal driven lives. It’s crazy at times but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Read More


Challenging My Resolutions: Looking ahead to 2015

I should be sitting on a plane right now heading to NYC. I was slated to cap off my year and kick off 2015 with my first competitive race back: The Emerald Nuts Midnight Run. Instead I’m writing a recap of my year, sitting at my table in Flagstaff. The funny thing is I’m ok with it.

The last week of December is the same every year. Reflections on the year past, what we did right, what we did wrong, scrambling to come up with New Years resolutions and a feeling that if we just get to 12:01 a.m. on the 31st all of our shortcomings will magically disappear. Here’s the thing about resolutions, they are easy to make but tough to stick with. So I’m calling my 2015 resolutions “challenges”. Read More


A dad’s point of view

I look around my house and in every direction is a little bit of chaos! Papers, receipts, invoices, and bills all over the place, running shoes scattered by the door, baby bottles in every corner, and a nice mix of spit up mixed into most parts of the carpet. Unpacked bags from the last trip sit by the front door, or am I way ahead of my own thoughts and planning ahead for the next trip? Yeah that’s it; they are secretly packed for the next trip! Perfect, at least one thing crossed off the to do list. I knew becoming a dad would change my life forever, but until the baby arrives there is really no way to fully prepare. I like to make the analogy to traveling to a foreign country. You can ask friends, read books, research the Internet, visit trip adviser, etc. but one major thing can never be covered… …Every trip, every person, every situation is different. Read More


Skinny Shaming

Skinny shaming is the name, not cool is the game. A few weeks ago I was announced as one of Women’s Running Magazine’s newest bloggers. I was excited to partner with them and be able to share my journey as a professional runner, new mom, coach, and business owner. It was to be a “transparent” series where I share parts of my journey that some women are afraid to talk about. Open, honest and realistic. My first blog was released along with a picture of me in my Oiselle uniform. Hours later a few comments were left on a FB page that read as followed: “This picture is sick and you are destroying your body. She is not a role model for women and our young girls.” Ouch! Read More