Meet the Coaches

Running with the Bruces

Who are we? Well, if you made it to our website you know we are Steph and Ben. We have been competing competitively for the last 14 years and professionally for almost a decade. We don’t know everything there is to know about training but we like to believe we know a lot from all our experience. We are still learning and will always be seeking answers. We have combined our college majors of kinesiology (Ben) and psychology (Steph) to be confident in saying we know how and why the body moves but it’s our brain that usually gets in the way.

Our coaching philosophy stems from the collaboration of many years under our high school, college, and professional coaches. We have taken a piece from each of our influencers and continue to study up on the sport. There is no right way to train, it is simply to find the right path for each athlete.

Between the 2 of us we have competed in 6 Olympic Trials, made a World Track, Cross Country, and Half Marathon Team representing the US. We’ve won races, lost them and believe our experience on the track and road has given us the tools to help guide and coach those wishing to work with us.

Steph’s PBs: 10k- 32:24, Half-marathon- 1:10:53, Marathon- 2:29:35

Ben’s PBs: 3k Steeple- 8:19, 5k- 13:30, Half-marathon- 1:02:28