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Running with the Bruces


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We offer personal coaching that includes a complete training program, sent every 3-4 weeks, email communication, skype, google chat or Facetime dates to go over your training and questions you may have pertaining to tips on nutrition, fueling, mental training, and any others things you might need. We create training programs for 5k-marathon and you can get those a la cart without the personal coaching. We feel interacting with the athlete on a regular basis via email or phone calls gives a more personal touch. We have formed bonds with our athletes and feel a connection to their goals and accomplishments.



Steph began coaching in Eugene, OR in 2009 with the Eugene Running Company group run called Fast Runnerz. From there she formed her own marathoning group of 12 athletes that trained for the Eugene Marathon. Once Steph and Ben moved to Flagstaff, Steph began assistant coaching Team Run Flagstaff for two years. Through our online coaching we have helped runners complete their first marathon, take their pr from 4:19 to 3:34 and busted out cobwebs on those dreaded 5k and 10ks for their athletes. We coach a wide range of athletes, doesn’t matter if you just started running or are trying to get into the elite corral at Boston.


Nutrition tips:

What to fuel with, when to fuel, our favs and go tos.



We will offer videos & pictures on proper form drills, warm up drills and those that improve ROM.
Check out our YouTube Channel for content that will be coming over the next few weeks!


Meet ups:

If we are ever racing in your neck of the woods, we will try our best to arrange meeting our athletes in person, face to face. We may even run in the same race together!


If you are interested in learning more about our coaching and being part of our group, please email us at stephandbenbruce@gmail.com for questions, pricing, etc. We are also available to put on running, drill clinics if requested so inquire with us about that. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!